Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In Everything Give Thanks & Noah's Ark - #1

My current project underway is In Everything Give Thanks from Bucilla. It is designed by Karla Dornacher and will be beautiful when finished and framed.

Here is where I'm up to at the moment...

I'm using a wooden frame to hold the material firmly - it makes things a lot easier. Also, since it is a rectangular design, a hoop didn't quite fit right, but I do use them for lots of other projects.

I also have another project underway - Noah's Ark from Anchor (Kit #1392-1). It was given to me by my friend Judith, who couldn't find the time to do it. I am using it as my 'getaway project' - I always keep something on the go at our holiday house so I don't have to remember to pack up my current project before leaving to get down there. I started this one at a recent work conference, and will stitch it only when we're away at the holiday house so it will take a little longer to complete than usual.

You can just make out 2 pigs lining up ready to board.

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