Thursday, 23 August 2012

What To Do...?

Next weekend, I will be flying to Brisbane (QLD) to meet up with my husband and drive back to Melbourne. A lucky coincidence of this trip is that I will be able to spend 1 night with my sister's family so that will be great. But my dilemma... what do I take to stitch? 
I am so close to finishing my 'In Everything Give Thanks' but it is a bit too big to take on the plane (I have carry-on luggage only). I think I might have to delve into my drawers and find a new project to start on the way back from Brisbane... Stay tuned to see what I start!
I have so many projects ready to start that it will be a hard decision to make.


  1. Wow, your stuff is amazing! The most I can manage is a bit of subversive cross stitch.

  2. Thanks Kellie for your kind comments. You're my first commentator that I don't know, so THANK YOU for reading my blog!!