Saturday, 4 January 2014

Holiday Update

In Warwick QLD at my sister's place now and having a ball with the kids swimming and trying to keep cool. Luckily for us, (NOT), South East Queensland is having it's hottest heatwave ever and we are in the middle of it. Yesterday, when passing through Moree NSW, the outside temperature monitor in the car said it was 47 degrees outside!! That's 116F. 
Thankfully, my sister has a pool, and it is being well used.
It's even been too hot to cross stitch and that means it must be hot! Hopefully the worst of it is over and once it cools down a bit, I'll pick it up again. I did buy a magazine at the news agency today: The World of Cross Stitching, Iss #112. Looking at cross-stitch will have to get me by until it cools down.
Happy Stitching,

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