Sunday, 23 November 2014

Elephant ABC #10 & Clarence Escapes!

I've now finished off 99% of the Q and L as well. Last night certainly didn't go to plan - we had a rather stressful evening...
We went to the Greek restaurant as I mentioned yesterday. Just after we arrived, there was a big thunderstorm with heavy rain and very loud thunder. Then, just after we had ordered our meals, I got a phone call to say that Clarence (our 13yr old Golden Retriever) had escaped and narrowly missed being hit by 3 cars! The Great Ocean Road is a very busy road most of the time so animals are often hit and injured or killed. Anyway, my husband left quickly to collect him from the General Store where the lady who rescued him was trying to calm him down. Clarence doesn't like thunder, but he is usually OK if he knows we're not home. He usually only kicks up a fuss if he knows we're home - his way of being let inside earlier than usual. He has certainly never escaped from Aireys before. It looks like he jumped on the side gate and it gave way so he ran outside and then he didn't know where to go and was frantically running all over the place. We are so lucky the lady across the road rescued him - she said he was so freaked out that she had to carry him across the road which is no mean feat - he weighs 30kg! My husband took him home and put him inside before rejoining me for dinner. Dinner was delicious but we didn't need that stress!
Then, when we got home later and it was time for bed, Clarence freaked again and didn't want to go outside. He has always been an outside dog, only coming in for a few hours each night before sleeping outside. Last night he didn't want to sleep outside. Perhaps he was still freaked from the thunder although it had ended several hours before. Anyway, he was jumping over the other gate and somehow got through a gap that is no more than 10cm wide! We don't know how he did it, but he got out again at 1am. Luckily we were there to grab him straight away. So we let/made him sleep inside all night. I thought I'd get up to a mess, but there was no evidence he had slept inside except him being there when I came out in the morning, which is a relief.
So, it looks like we need to strengthen one gate and somehow narrow the gap on the other before we come back next time in a few weeks. So much unneeded drama, that's why I didn't get a lot of stitching done last night...
Thank God Clarence survived OK and doesn't know the stress he has caused, and Thank You to Vicki who rescued him and contacted us. We don't know what we would have done if he had been hit by a car.

So I hope everyone else's weekends haven't been that stressful and that you've got lots more stitching in than I did...

Happy Stitching,

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