Monday, 2 October 2017

Sledding Snowman Stocking - finished & Doona covers - finished!

Every weekend should be 3 days long! Thanks to the long weekend for the footy Grand Final, I got so much done - I am very pleased with myself!

Firstly, I finished off the Sledding Snowman Stocking - name and backing. I selected a striped backing as the design is a fun one and this just suited it perfectly rather than a plain colour.
I am super pleased with the end result and I just know the parents will love it as well!

Then I got re-started on my doona cover projects - the ones I was hoping (very naively) to have done by Christmas last year (in just 3 months, having never done a patchwork project ever before! - what was I thinking?)
All 5 fabrics have been done - woo hoo! I am super pleased with the results. They are all slightly different as I couldn't work out the instructions for finishing them with the gap at the bottom to insert the doona cover until I got to the last one. The final one is the only one that is completed correctly, but the others will all work just as well and no-one will know if I don't tell them (shh, you can keep a secret can't you?). Now I have one more to do as there are 6 single beds at the holiday house. The final one will be a mix'n'match of all the prints but I'm just deciding how to do that, what plain fabric to use and so on...
I think my first foray into patchwork has been a great success and I can't wait to start the next project... 

I also made gluten free mars bar slice (but with snickers since they are gf) and a sweet potato, feta and quinoa muffin for my lunches during the week.

Why can't every weekend be 3 days long - think how much you could get done!
Happy Stitching,



  1. The finished stocking looks great :)
    The muffins you mentioned sounds delicious! Care to share the recipe?

  2. Recipe was from here: and they are delicious!

  3. Kerrie: The stocking is so sweet, the backing fabric is perfect.
    I love muffins, I had a pumpkin spice muffin today at the café in town.
    Your patchwork projects are in beautiful colors.