Monday, 7 October 2013

Paris Market #68 & Magazines

Pretty bunch of red flowers in the corner now.

And I'm pretty excited about my parent's return from their European trip -There were 4 magazines in total. 2 Susanna magazines from Italy. They both have more than just cross-stitch, including knitting. One is more children's designs but there are designs out of both I'd like to do - including some alphabet designs - I just can't get enough of those!
This Cross Stitcher magazine is from England - it is Oct 2013. It is the only one I can buy here, but I don't think we have this issue available yet. I quite like the free little kit that comes with it.

The fourth magazine, from France, is this one. It looks like one of those series where you buy part 1 and get something free, then buy part 2 and get something else and so on. I don't mind, it still has some very nice patterns inside, plus I got another hoop and some threads.
I also got a shower cap and bookmark from Buckingham Palace and some slippers from one of the motels they stayed at. I'm pretty pleased!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Have you seen the alphabet on this French blog??
    I'm hooked and want to try my own initial.

  2. I love Paris market - it's stunning.

  3. With your flying progress you will be finished soon! The stitching looks good. I didn't realise Susanna did cross stitch. I have a few of those somewhere I think, though there was also a Sabrina. Mine would probably be in russian. Reminds me that I should check zinio online magazine for the cross stitcher (my library subscribes and I get a free copy) it might be out now. It is great that your parents travel and bring you gifts.