Friday, 11 October 2013

Paris Market #71

Here is last night's progress:
Some more filling in and a little back-stitch which defines the people strolling in the street nicely.

Tonight we are off to the mystery location for dinner and a night away for our anniversary, so I probably won't get any stitching done... However, I do expect to make up for it on Sunday when the Bathurst 1000 (famous V8 Supercars race) is on all day - we'll be planted in front of the TV and I'll be stitching away. I'm not a petrol head at all, but I love the Bathurst race.
So until next week,
Happy Stitching,

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope your surprise dinner and night away was wonderful :)
    Great progress on Paris Market :)
    I haven't watched Bathurst for years.... I used to watch it all the time once... But life changes and now I don't watch it at all :(
    Might have to change that next year!!