Monday, 21 October 2013

Paris Market #77 & The Triplets #11

Since I didn't have a photo of what The Triplets looked like last time I did some, I took one before I started this weekend...
 And this is what it looked like before we left...
It is so relaxing getting away from the 'normal' stuff down to the beach house for a couple of nights. It's enough to really refresh myself and face another few weeks of stress at work! Next time we go will be the Melbourne Cup Day long weekend (first weekend in Nov), so we'll get an extra couple of days down there which I am really looking forward to. This weekend was the first time we've been to the beach without a coat - it was in the 30s on Saturday and Sunday - beautiful!

When I got home, I continued with Paris Market...
I still haven't got European Bistro from earlier in the year framed yet - I'm waiting till I finish this so I can get them done in matching frames and then hang them together at home.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. European Bistro is getting SOO close to a happy dance now! I love the colours and watching it grow :)