Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dinosaur ABC #7

Oh, I just hate it when I don't have all the colours needed to complete a design. I can't wait to get back to Melbourne and get the missing threads so I can finish this off. It's only 3 colours I don't have, but it seems almost every letter uses at least one of them. Only 4 of the above letters are completely done. Oh well, just another reason why I MUST get to the craft shop when we get home!
Back to much cooler weather today which will be nice. I do so love being down here at the beach house, and being able to stay more than the weekend, which is all we can manage during the year, is so relaxing. I think we are planning to actually do something (like go for a drive to a nearby town) today which is way more than we've managed to do so far - that's what holidays are for - doing nothing... but stitching of course!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Kerrie - is this by chance a Dimensions kit? If so, they are infamous for not providing enough threads or fabric. So sorry you are going through this. Very frustrating. But thx for posting your progress so far. Really a cute piece.

    1. Hi Jannie,
      Unfortunately, no one to blame here for not having the right threads, but me. It is a pattern from a magazine and I just didn't have all the threads in my stash when I started. (Cross Stitch Gold, Iss #48)
      I have had that experience with other Dimensions kits as well - very frustrating!

  2. Bummer. Well, you are the cross-stitching whiz! That's for sure. I just put in another comment, and dadgum if it didn't disappear? Maybe it'll show up. Just love your blog!

    Thx for doing this. Feeds my hungry brain.