Tuesday, 17 December 2013

O Holy Night #14

Sorry folks, I forgot my camera at home yesterday. But I do have some good progress to show you...
It's starting to get busy at work with the last few days before the Summer holidays to get everything done - I don't think I will, but next week I'm on holidays for 4 weeks, so I'm not worrying about it! We'll be heading off to Aireys Inlet for the time between Christmas and New Year and then we'll head off to Queensland to visit my sister and her family. Clarence will be having an extended sleepover at his best friend's place - Cheese. Below Clarence is getting ready for all their Summer adventures together...
Just can't wait for the holidays! So much stitching to get done...

I also did some Christmas 'cooking' on the weekend by making these cute reindeers. A bit fiddly to do but the effect is
great - and yummy too!  Basically they are just little chocolate cups with bits stuck on with more chocolate.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Great progress on the stitching and I love the idea of the reindeer. Too fiddly for me to make though ;-)