Monday, 6 August 2018

Adventure Quilt Blocks #4

So here are the remaining blocks (I think) from the Red, Black and White quilt. I have 35 in total now (with one final one still in progress) but I'm still unsure how to arrange them - square, or do some more for another row...?? I plan to do sashing and cornerstones which will help to enlarge the size. I'd like to do black minky on the back for softness and warmth, a red binding, and I need to hunt for a black fabric with a small white and red design on it for a border. I haven't seen anything just right so far... I'd like to do it big enough for a king size bed, but that probably means a few more rows will be required. I might just think about it for a while.

Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Adventure Quilt Blocks #3

So I started doing the Adventure Quilt Blocks, now I'm just making them up myself as I go along...


So much fun!
Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Adventure Quilt Blocks #2

I had a really good run over the weekend and completed several blocks. They are simple enough to do at least one per evening which means I'm getting quite a good collection happening.

I don't know what size quilt this will end up being, but I do know that I'm having super fun making up the different blocks.

Here are a few of the ones I've made recently:

 I'm having so much fun putting these together. Who knows what it will turn out to be...
Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Friday, 27 July 2018

Adventure Quilt Blocks #1

I've got a few black & white and red & white prints that I'm going to use for a number of different blocks which will then form a quilt. Last night I tried a Dresden block for the first time and I'm super happy with how it turned out.
I'm following the Adventure Quilt blocks by Nancy Zieman on Craftsy. This is block #1.
Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Strip Tube Quilt #2

I used left over squares to split the join down the middle of the backing for my quilt.

It's going to be professionally quilted next Friday so I'm super excited about how it will turn out...
Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Monday, 23 July 2018

Strip Tube Quilt

This weekend, I finished the quilt top using a Strip Tube quilting pattern adapted from the tutorial from:

  • Requirements:
1 Jelly Roll (40 x 2.5" strips)
3m blending fabric (I used Spot On-Cream by Robert Kaufman)
Co-ordinating cotton
Batting and backing fabric for finishing

Quarter-inch seams are used throughout
  • Step 1:
First step is to sew your jelly roll together in sets of 2 strips
  • Step 2:
Sew strips of the blending fabric (4.5" wide), right sides together, to the joined jelly roll strips. Sew down both sides to create tubes
  •  Step 3:
Using a 90 degree triangle, or corner of a square ruler, place the point just inside the top row of stitching on the tube. Cut triangles, flipping the ruler for each alternate cut

  •  Step 4:
Open triangles, and press seams to the darker side.
  • Step 5:
Collect matching triangles, and sew them together down the centre. Press middle seams open

  •  Step 6:
Layout your triangles on the floor or design mat, and play around until you get a layout you like (the picture below shows a blending fabric I was trialing)
  •  Step 7:
Sew rows of triangles together

  • Step 8:
Measure width of rows and cut strips of blending fabric 2.5" wide by the average length of your triangle rows. Some joining of blending strips may be necessary
  • Step 9:
Sow blending strips in between triangle rows
  • Step 9:
Iron your quilt top and prepare for finishing with batting and backing
  • Fabrics used in this quilt top:
Jelly Roll: Feed Company by Sweetwater
Spot On (cream) by Robert Kaufman.

Happy Stitching & Sewing,

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

One Block Wonder - OBW

I have been trying out several block and pattern types over recent months to work out how they go together - using cheap offcut fabrics so I can know what I'm doing when I'm ready to use my good fabrics.

This one is called a One Block Wonder - it looks very effective, but is in fact very easy to put together.

1. Select a fabric with a repeating pattern.

2. Cut the fabric into the repeating sections and layer 6 strips on top of each other, lining up the pattern exactly.
3. Cut those strips into 3.5" strips, then cut those into 60 degree triangles. I divided the width of the repeating pattern into 3, and got 3.5" but this measurement will depend on your repeating pattern width; your triangles may be larger or smaller - it's up to you.
4. Take each pile of 6 triangles, and arrange into hexagons in a pattern you like. Play around with their placement.

 5. Stick the rows of triangles together with masking tape to keep their order.

 6. Sew the triangle together, pressing seams open.

 7. Sew the rows of triangles together, lining up the points if possible. The seams here will be quite thick, so take it easy!

8. Sew a border onto your quilt top and finish with batting and backing.
I'm still working on the backing and quilting of this one and will have some more pics soon...
The colours really pop!

Happy Stitching & Sewing,