Monday, 28 January 2013

The Triplets #2

Wow, what a wonderful long weekend of stitching and taking the dogs to the beach.

I managed to finish off the letters M, N and G on The Triplets kit, so I think that is pretty good going.

I must admit, I am not all that impressed with the kit unfortunately - a number of symbols in the pattern don't match the colour chart, so it is a matter of guesswork for some areas. Also, the overlap on the charts is done in a different way to every chart I have ever used before, so I've stitched one row too many on the N. Hopefully it won't spoil the final product, and I think if I hadn't mentioned it, no-one would have noticed. It does mean you have to pay close attention to the overlaps when stitching though.

Here is a picture of Clarence (the white one) and Cheese (the red one) in the water at the beach at Urquart's Bluff near Aireys Inlet.

They had a fantastic time and I think we wore them out as they both slept all the way home today in the backseat of the car!


Happy Stitching,


  1. Beautiful dogs! It sure does look like they had a great time - look at those "smiles" :-)

  2. As you say, you really cannot tell with the "N" :) Beautiful dogs, they look worn out in the last photo :)

  3. It has been ages since i have read your blog and you have been busy with lots of projects. they are all looking really good. over the holidays we hanged masons cross stitches in his room and they look really good. You did a great job.