Monday, 25 February 2013

Christmas Stockings #7

Well, they look amazing! It took almost all day, but they turned out great. I am thrilled with them and can't wait to get the rest stitched and sewn! Bring on Christmas, I say!

We stitched around the design and then turned them out the right way like a regular stocking. There is red felt on the back and a slightly puffy iron-on interfacing (640 weight Iron on Pellon) which gives them a little stiffness but not too much.

They wouldn't look anything like this without Judith's assistance - so THANK YOU Judith!!

I think I did say previously that I would try a few different ways of finishing them off, but when we did the first one, I was so pleased with it, I decided to do them all the same.

Now that's 8 down, 22 to go!
Happy Stitching,