Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Yay for me - I've sold my first ever cross-stitch!

I am so excited about it. I was getting some library training at work today and the trainer asked if I would be interested in selling one of the designs I had on the wall behind my desk. I said why not, and so now I have one sale to my name!

The design I sold was: The Lord Bless You by Bucilla which I finished mid-way through last year. I didn't get any money for the time I put into it, no-one would ever buy cross-stitch if the price was based on the time spent creating them, but I did recoup my framing and kit purchase costs so I am very pleased about that.

The other good thing about this is now there is a blank space on my wall that needs something to fill it!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Congratulations, on your sale, what a thrill that must be :)

  2. Well done, you! It could be the start of something big.......! ;-)

  3. Feels good that someone liked it well enough to buy it, huh? I've sold many pieces (mostly small things like ornaments, cards) but also some small framed pieces. I do like you...recoup my cost for the item and I'm happy. I stitch for pleasure, not for profit, but I can't possible keep everything I stitch!