Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cross Stitch Magazines

My parents are going to England, France and Italy later in the year for a holiday and have asked what I would like them to get for me. I am thinking I would like some English, French and Italian cross stitch magazines - can anyone recommend any good ones from those countries? It doesn't matter if they're in French or Italian, the patterns and colours will be decipherable... Any recommendations will be appreciated.  Thanks!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love Cross Stitch Collection which is a European magazine. They feature alot of Joan Elliot designs.

  2. Some years ago, a stitching friend sent me a copy of Suzanna (Italian). It is a super magazine, full of great charts, mostly smalls.

  3. I subscribe to Cross Stitcher and The World of Cross Stitch. Cross stitch collection and Cross stitch Gold are also pretty good in England :)

  4. It all depends on your tastes. Cross Stitcher is very modern now, lots of big blocks of colour, very graphic designs. World of Cross Stitch is more varied but tends to the cutesy. Cross Stitch Collection is the home of Joan Elliott! The projects tend to be larger and more detailed on more traditional lines. There are a number of small project magazines such as Cross Stitch Crazy and a Card Shop one. Mary Hickmott does a good needlework magazine, not just cross stitch. Jane Greenoff also has a magazine if you like her style, samplers and traditional.
    The main place to buy magazine is a chain newsagent called WH Smiths. Most towns have one. If your parents can't see the stitching mags on the shelf, ask behind the counter because some shops keep them there due to shop lifters! If you've seen the resale prices on Ebay you'll understand why.
    I have a page on my blog where I show the contents pages of some of the mags, have a look and see if anything takes your fancy.