Friday, 22 March 2013

European Bistro #33

Well, it is finished! Back-stitching and french knots all done and it is now ready for framing. Very pleased with the final results. I will hold off framing it until I've done another similar design and get them done together so they match... The bottom of the design is actually straight, it just curled a bit when I took the picture.

Started 31 Oct 2012 
Finished 21 Mar 2013 (including a lengthy delay waiting for extra threads to arrive)
Dimensions Gold Collection kit - European Bistro
We're off the Aireys Inlet again tonight for the weekend which will be great - that means it's back to The Triplets design for a couple of days...
Happy Stitching,


  1. Congrats on such a great finish!
    It looks stunning - well done!
    :) Happy stitching (:

  2. I have always loved this picture. Yours looks great! Congrats on the finish!

  3. Beautiful! This piece is in my rotation, very well done!

  4. A beautiful, beautiful finish. Well done. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. I wish I could see this in's gorgeous!

  6. congratulations on a fantastic finish!

  7. Gorgeous, as I probably already mentioned I have this same kit. Really want to start stitching it now that I have seen your finish. But I am still stitching Cabin Fever by the same company, so probably wait till that gets done (if it ever will).