Friday, 10 May 2013

Joy Ornaments #1

It wasn't hard to decide what to start next... since arriving earlier in the week, this was still on the couch and so I thought, why not start it rather than putting it away in the cupboard? So here is my progress on the first of 9 ornaments using plastic canvas. It was quite quick to work on and I think the ornaments won't take long to complete at all. I have just one question though - what do you do with the backs of the ornaments? There are no instructions to cover them or anything, but I think they would look a bit messy if they got turned around on the Christmas tree and you could see the backs. Would something like adhesive felt be workable?

Have a great weekend everyone!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Great start to your new project.

    I had a similar query when I finished my plastic tigger bookmark earlier this year. In the end I cut a strip of cardboard (thin one, I think I used a toothpaste box if I remember correctly) covered it in a matching fabric and then using super sticky double sided tape stuck it to the back of my work. It hid all my sins as a messy stitcher hehe ;)

  2. great start! How about self adhesive felt or glue a felt back on. I've done that befor with stitched ornies.