Monday, 3 June 2013

Little Owls Tree #7

This weekend, we got word at the last minute, that my husband needed to go away for the weekend with a new model car - he works for a premium performance car manufacturer and when a new model is released, before it is given to journalists to write reviews, it needs approx 1,500kms put on it to make sure there are no rattles and that everything is working as it should. My husband is the lucky one who gets to do this most of the time - and I get to tag along. It means driving all day, staying somewhere, and then driving all day home again - but we both love it... so that's what we did this weekend. We ended up in Wagga Wagga  NSW (approx 600kms from Melbourne, VIC).

Of course, I took my Little Owls Tree and got quite a bit done. Then when we got home yesterday I continued, and finished off the tree!

The tree is now finished, except for some back-stitching on the trunk. Then there is just the row of flowers across the bottom and I'm done. Woo hoo! I really love this design, the owls are just so cute...

Time to think about what's next again...

Happy Stitching,


  1. What a delightful tree. You are so close to the finish. The owls are so sweet.

  2. what a great job, and how nice that you can go too.

    Lots of stitching time. I can stitch on a train but not in a car or bus.