Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Paris Market #10 & Carence Update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your kind wishes for Clarence's operation. He has come through with flying colours - and no head bucket required!! Woo Hoo! He hasn't tried to lick the wound once so we are very pleased about that. He was still quite dopey last night from the anesthetic, but he has perked up this morning and seems to be back to normal. We have to go back in 10 days to have the stitches removed, but otherwise, all is good. What a relief! You've probably realised, but we don't have kids, so Clarence is our baby and we love him dearly.
Clarence at home after his operation - June 2013
Now, on the stitching front, I finished up most of the umbrella and window back-stitching last night and I'm very pleased with the results.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Hi Clarence, good to see you back home safe and sound :)
    Stitching is coming along very nicely :)

  2. What a sweet face! Hope he is all better soon.

    Great progress.

  3. Three cheers for Clarence! We used to have a golden...awesome dogs!

    Your stitching is coming along nicely!

  4. Great news about Clarence. Your stitching is looking fab

  5. So glad that Clarence is doing well. Lovely stitching progress!

  6. Paris is looking beautiful. so much detail already. Glad Clarence has come through the op. He looks a sweetie. x