Sunday, 16 June 2013

Paris Market #8 and Clarence operation

Tomorrow our beautiful Golden Retriever, Clarence, has to have an operation to remove a small lump on his leg. It will be his second operation in 6 months (he had a lump on his eyelid removed just before Christmas) and it's not a big deal usually, but he is nearly 12, so going under is a big deal when you're that old. While he's under, he'll also get his teeth  and ears cleaned and his nails trimmed, so he'll come out good as new! Hopefully, everything goes smoothly tomorrow with no complications. Our biggest worry is if he starts licking the wound - if he does, he'll have to wear the dreaded 'head bucket' and he didn't like that last time at all! We hope that once the lump is removed, it won't bother him anymore and he'll forget it was there - we can always hope!

Now on the stitching front - we have a man and I got a fair bit done on the big blue umbrella last night...
Hopefully, I can finish that off tonight and do the back-stitching around most of it to bring it to life.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow, that's come on a lot in a week. I hope Clarence's op goes well and he recovers quickly.

  2. I hope Clarence's op goes smoothly. Paris is looking fantastic