Sunday, 2 February 2014

O Holy Night #35 & The Triplets#15

Friday afternoon I was able to pick up the framed The Triplets and I am very pleased with it. When I first walked away from the frame shop after selecting the matts, I wasn't convinced, but now it is done, I really like the colours and I am quite pleased with it.

Originally, I was going to go with strong colours for the matts to match those used in the design, but now I think the paler colours work better as it would have been too much with bright matts as well. I'll try to make a little movie of the progress tomorrow and post it when it is done. I'm still deciding if this will go on the wall in my spare bedroom at home, or in the bedroom at Aireys since that is where it was stitched.

As for O Holy Night, only a small amount of progress due to the continuing heat we are having here at the moment...
This J block seems to be taking forever to get through, but I'm not stressing about it.

The King King show we saw yesterday was interesting. I haven't seen the King Kong movie and didn't really know the story so it was all new to me. It had some quite scary moments in it which really freaked the kid next to me - he ended up sitting in his mother's lap and they didn't return after interval - poor kid asked if it was based on a true story! I can't say it was the best stage show I've seen, but it was good. The way they did the King Kong was amazing - it took about 10 people to make him move and lots of ropes and pulleys but the effects were fantastic.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Lovely to see The Triplets framed, looks fantastic!!

  2. Triplets is lovely - your framer did a great job setting off your work.

  3. The mats look perfect for the Triplets. The sampler is looking good.


  4. Triplets looks great all framed!

  5. Great choice on the mats/frame for the Triplets...looks great!

  6. I love your alphabet sampler! Really stunning!!!

    I love the Grow your Blog event. I've managed to find some really great blogs to follow that I might now have found on my own!