Saturday, 15 March 2014

O Holy Night #60 & Tasmania Stitching

Yesterday, we went to the F1 Australian Grand Prix which was a fun day, although I did get a bit sunburnt so my arms are a bit warm! Clarence's blood test also showed that his levels are now stable, so no more vet visits required until he has the staples removed on Monday 24th March - yay!

In cross-stitching news, I continued with the Z block. I think I'm missing an update photo or two as I didn't get all of this done in 1 night... Not long before I finish this and can then start on the banner across the top, then the beads and little stars which are all over the design.

And next week, I'm going to break my own rule of only stitching one project at a time to stitch another while we are on holidays. Thankfully, Clarence has recovered well enough to be able to stay with Cheese, his best friend, for the week, and we can go on our planned holiday. We were contemplating cancelling it, but we are relieved we don't have to now. We are going to Tasmania - taking our own car across on the Spirit of Tasmania boat Monday night and driving around then coming back again on Saturday night - I can't wait. I missed out on my relaxing long weekend because of Clarence so I am really hanging out for this break now! My husband is a bit of a whiskey lover and there are plenty of distilleries in Tasmania that we plan on visiting (and sampling of course!). And there's even a cross-stitch shop I've found in Hobart so I'm going to visit there. [For international readers, Tasmania is a small island state of Australia with heaps of history and beautiful scenery.] I'm taking my computer so I should be able to update what we've been doing and my stitching progress as we go. The chosen kit will be a surprise, but it will be one of these ones:
I've purchased this Heartfelt series to stitch for my new library at work and thought I'd get started on one of them while I'm away. You'll have to tune in next week to see which one I've selected.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Gorgeous project! I may need to hunt it out. I've admired the biblical alphabet in the similar style for awhile, but I think the Christmas one may be even more stunning :) Have a great time in Tassie.