Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Monuments Men

No cross-stitching got done last night as I went to the movies with a friend to see The Monuments Men. We both enjoyed it very much and it was quite interesting given that it was based on a true story. Can you believe the Nazis stole over 5 million works of art (paintings, sculptures, tapestries etc) during the war and hid them in mines across Germany [that's how many they said in the movie but it does sound like a lot to me!]. Luckily many of these items were returned to the original owners so we can visit and enjoy them today, although some irreplaceable masterpieces were destroyed and lost forever.

Anyway, we've got another vet appointment tonight for Clarence's arthritis injection but we shouldn't be too late so I should get some stitching done tonight...

Have a great day,

Happy Stitching,

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