Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Have Hope - Finished & Have Faith - Started

Over the last week I have managed to get 'Have Hope' finished. I am really pleased with the end result...
Now I've started on the next one in the series, 'Have Faith'. I've done the bird and have the border flowers and wording to go...

The library move is progressing well. All the packing got done last week, and the truck is coming tomorrow to concentrate on the library - furniture, shelving and just under 1,000 boxes of books! I think tomorrow will be a long day and I doubt I'll get any stitching done... I'm starting work at 7.30am and will be there until the last truck load is delivered to the new location - who knows when that might be! Good news is we have a second truck and 3 extra guys to get it done so I have some hope it will be completed tomorrow. Then the fun begins putting all the shelving back together and getting the books back on the shelves - in order.

Happy Stitching,


  1. They are beautiful! I'm always amazed how quickly you stitch! I'd had to stich 24-7 to finish my projects as quickly as you do!

  2. Beautiful finish, great new start

  3. You have got to be one of the fastest stitchers I have ever seen! I thought about doing the owl one for my sister in law, she has an affinity for them. But....ended up finding a pattern on Etsy for a group of 6 owls together, that are great colors and really cute. Another thing to get framed before the end of the year!