Thursday, 12 June 2014

Have Faith - Finished

Yay - it is finished. This is the third in the series, I've got two more to go but I won't be starting the next one until the end of the weekend. The red flowers really pop.
This weekend we are finally heading off back to Aireys Inlet down on the Great Ocean Road. It has been over 2 months since we were last there and I am hanging out to get back and just do nothing for a day or so. The first delay was Clarence (our Golden Retriever) with his medical emergency and surgery, then the next delay was the library move and then my own medical emergency so I just want to get away and relax. It is expected to rain most of the weekend, but I don't mind. We'll go for walks in the rain on the beach and just do nothing for the rest of the time - woo hoo! I hope to finish off the Dinosaur ABC - finally! I found another ABC in a magazine that is by the same designer and looks like it is designed to be done as a set so that will be my next holiday house project - it is an Elephant ABC. I'll post a pic once I start it.

IT at work have been dragging their feet and I still don't have a computer which is driving my nuts! Fingers crossed by next week I will so I can get back into a regular routine of posting updates...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Stitching,


  1. congrets on your beautiful finish

  2. Congratulations on your Happy Dance, this is a lovely design and seemed to stitch up very quickly too.

  3. Gorgeous finish! Congrats!