Friday, 24 October 2014

Sing to the Lord #12

I only got a little butterfly done last night. And then after I took the photo, I did some more but you won't see that until the next update...
And I promised I'd try to get a photo of Clarence looking amazing - here he is... his white hair is so white, it's so silky soft and he smells divine. His little paws are so tidy - before he had big tufts of hair coming out between his toes!
Dani at Divine Dog Grooming always does a fantastic job and I can recommend her very highly.

Well, I'm packed and ready to go to Aireys Inlet this afternoon after I get home to collect Clarence. I don't really want to take him to the beach, but luckily he doesn't like the water that much so hopefully he won't get wet and smelly again... I can only hope!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Happy Stitching,


  1. What a handsome boy Clarence is! Have fun at the beach!

  2. Love your stitching. Clarence looks like a real sweetie.

  3. Have a lovely weekend. Bet Clarence will love the water this weekend just out of spite! :)