Friday, 2 January 2015

Enchanted Ornament #11

Gosh, I haven't posted since last year! I know, that's a bad Dad joke, but I can't help myself. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015 and is looking forward to lots of stitching time - I know I am. Our NYE was pretty quiet - Clarence got some drugs (dog sedatives) which worked wonders during the fireworks.

Today and tomorrow are going to be boiling here, over 40 degrees (I think this is about 105F). So there's nothing to do but put the air conditioning on and stitch away... My husband has revamped his 'man cave' and we've moved a whole lot of stuff around but it is an improvement, so we'll see how it goes. We're still going on the bacon jam he made, and still loving it.

For the Enchanted Ornament Stocking, I've made a small amount of progress, hopefully you can see it...
Happy Stitching,

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