Sunday, 25 January 2015

Robot ABC #3 & Angel Gowns

After a sleepless night due to other motel guests having no consideration for anyone but themselves - talking very loudly outside my window all night way past 4am, I made the effort to get up and go to church this morning. I am glad I did as the message was great, but the thing that made me glad I went was that I met a lady who invited me for a coffee afterwards. While we were chatting, she said she has just started to volunteer at something called Angel Gown - a group that takes donated wedding dresses and makes tiny little dresses for still born babies, and those that die just way too young. Rather than the hospital wrapping them in an ugly blanket, they can be presented to the family in a beautiful gown made of silk with beads and lace made from someone's wedding dress. I just love this idea. I can't imagine what a terrible experience that sort of tragedy would be, but I think the idea of having a beautiful gown to put your little baby in is a lovely one. My wedding dress is still sitting in the cupboard at home. I don't plan on using it again, and I certainly won't fit into it again so I am going to donate it to the Angel Gown charity to have it made into little angel outfits. Perhaps it is an idea that strikes a chord with you too... Angel Gowns Australia. I believe they are also in the USA and other countries too.

Now onto my stitching from last night. I got most of the O done. Again, minus the missing colours. Oh, why didn't I check what I needed more closely before I left? I will have to go back and finish them when I get the missing colours, but it is always nicer to finish off a letter completely when working your way through... oh well. It seems every letter uses a significant amount of the missing colours. Just my luck!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I love the Angel Gown idea! Thank you1 And the stitching is coming along great. I know just what you mean about the one color you are missing being the one color you need!

  2. Missed this post first time round but I think the Angel Gowns is a wonderful idea. There is a group in England and I think I will be getting in touch with them.