Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cross Stitch in the Library

For those regular readers, you'll know my drama about getting permission to hang the 8 Heartfelt Series designs in my library at work. Well, still no progress on that decision yet - the drama is about putting holes in walls for hooks. I know there are those stick on hooks, but the framer warned against using those as the weight of the pictures can get too much and if they come unstuck, they'll be destroyed. So I want proper in the wall hooks to hang them on...

But in the meantime, I CAN hang pictures on the ends of the rows of shelving - I have authority over those! So today I hung 3 designs that I used to have hanging in our old library before we moved. Two of them I can see from my desk, the third is down the back of the library but I'll put them on rotation so I don't get bored!
O Holy Night (completed 2014) and Inspirational ABC (2008) next to 23rd Psalm (2011).
Please ignore the junk in front of the second picture - I have a number of donations to sort through! My library is not usually so untidy.

Last night's new show on TV was 'Forever' which I really liked. Will definitely be watching it weekly. It seems to be the season for all the new shows (new to Australia, anyway) starting, so there's something good on every night.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Well at least you get to hang them somewhere! They look wonderful.

  2. Great samplers!
    Love Forever!

  3. Your pictures look sweet hanging on the end of the rows. I hope they are appreciated and commented on by users. Hopefully they'll be joined by another 8 soon! :)

  4. They are stunning.
    I hope the Library gives you permission to hang them.


  5. Hi, Im really impressed!! That's so beautiful!! Congrats :)
    Can you share me the pattern? I want to try too but I cant buy the pattern. I will really appreciate. My email is
    Thanks a lot :)