Monday, 30 March 2015

Weekend Update

No stitching since last Wednesday, so there's nothing to update today - it's the longest break I've had for a while.

Thursday was the funeral & wake which, sad as it was, was perfect for my Uncle - no fuss.

Friday night we gathered at my parent's place for a catch-up with another Uncle who came down from northern New South Wales for the funeral, and my sister and almost 3yr old nephew who came down from Queensland for it. That was a fun night. My sister & nephew came home with us to stay Friday & Sat night and then on Sunday we had another nephew's 8th birthday party so it was a very hectic weekend. I'm hoping to pick up the stitching again tonight, but such a busy weekend has really worn me out...

On Wednesday night this week, my sister (I have 2) and I are taking my other sister and our Mum out for a surprise Girl's Night Out to celebrate both their birthdays. They are so excited about what it could be but they won't find out what we've organised until my sister's birthday tomorrow. It will be a great night - especially given we haven't done anything like it in at least 15 years since my youngest sister moved out of home and went to work interstate. It was too good an opportunity while she is down here to miss out on spending some time together - no kids or husbands!
 Happy Stitching,

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  1. I am sad for your loss.
    I hope you and your Mother and Sister have a wonderful time out.