Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why no stitching?

It's been a couple of days since I've done any stitching and that's because I'm occupied doing other things. My Dad asked for help unfreezing a Kindle and once I'd done that, I started reading the book 'Divergent'. It's quite good. I haven't seen the movie, but I'd like to now. And then I started book 2 in the series 'Insurgent' so I've been busy trying to get it finished before I return the Kindle tonight. I'm about half way through book 2 and will hopefully get it done before tonight.

These are the first books I've ever read on a Kindle. It is an interesting experience. I like how you seem to be getting through the book quicker because the pages are shorter (ie: less text than a print book) and I also like how it tells you how far through the book you are (eg: 56% etc). I don't like the lit screen - even with good lighting in the room, the screen is a bit bright (there's probably a dimmer switch/control that I haven't found). I also get a sore thumb from swiping for the pages to turn every couple of minutes. So there's pros and cons for reading on a Kindle. I don't think I'll be getting one just yet, but it was good to test it out.

I'll try to get some stitching done tomorrow night...
Happy Stitching,


  1. I am a lover of books, I like the feel of the pages in my hands.
    Good luck finishing the book by this evening.


  2. The brightness control on the Kindle software is hidden in the icon that looks like "Aa." It took me forever to find it, but I love reading on my kindle now.

  3. I just browsed through a few of your recent posts. I love your cross-stitching! We just watched Divergent. Now, I want to read the series. Using the Kindle App on my i-Pad is something my sister keeps telling me I should try. Maybe one of these days. I just love holding a book and the smell of the pages. :)

  4. There's also the paperwhite Kindle that doesn't have backlighting. My husband has that because he reads on the bus mostly and the glare would be impossible in the "outdoor" light. So there's another option...