Monday, 18 May 2015

Stitching ABC #10

Friday night started with picking up the 'Walk This Way' Pooh design from the framers. I am very pleased with the result - a simple white frame really make the colours in the design pop. 
Then I bought a new doona cover for my bedroom. It was on sale, very cheap, so it's not the highest of quality, but I wanted something a bit brighter as I always pick very bland colours & designs. I'm quite pleased with it, my husband is still making up his mind!
Then onto stitching. I had quite a productive weekend on the stitching front so you should notice quite a difference from the last post. I'm onto the P block now. I can't finish off each block completely because there are always stitches on the adjoining blocks, meaning I can't do the back-stitching until I've started the next block.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Love your progress! It looks like such a fun stitch:) Hope Clarence looks beautiful after his grooming:)