Friday, 24 July 2015

Stitching ABC #41 and FINALLY...!

Last night I did the back-stitching on the O block and finished it off.
And I FINALLY got permission to hang my Heartfelt pictures that I purchased and stitched specifically for my library. Originally, I had proposed to hang them above the computers and the study desks across 3 separate areas, but I only got permission to hang them in a cluster, and I actually think that is much better! They are on the ground floor and EVERYONE will see them every time they walk into the library so they are much more on display than I had originally planned. YAY! Besides the ugly fire hydrant next to them, I think they look great and I am very pleased with them. It's only taken about a year to finally get them into place... but I think it was worth the wait!
And YAY, it's Friday. I'm going to the movies tonight with my friend to see 'Self/less'. I'm not sure what it is about but it looks like a bit of a suspense movie so it should be OK. I'd like to go and see Mission Impossible after it is released next week too.
For the weekend, I think my sister and her family are coming over for dinner and to watch the footy on Foxtel on Saturday night, and on Sunday, we have the footy ourselves - hopefully it will remain dry!
Happy Stitching,



  1. They look wonderful! A lovely addition and you should be very proud.

  2. Nice progress :-) And congratulations on getting your finished pieces displayed! That's a great accomplishment. Enjoy the movie!

  3. Your stitching looks FAB on the wall at work! You should be very proud of yourself, and how lovely that you can share your love of cross stitch with visitors!

  4. I do not like back stitching so sometimes I just do a little at a time, have fun at the movies this weekend.
    The hangings at the library are an honor, you are so lucky, to have your work displayed.


  5. My DIL is now stitching the same kit as you. She wants to hang it in her craft/sewing room when it is done. She does one block at a time and does the back-stitching along the way. That way when she finishes the last block; she is really done. She just finished doing a Cowboy Stitch just like this one. She had it framed and gave it as a wedding gift to her friend. I couldn't imagine giving it away after all that work. I think your framed pieces in the library are very nice! Good that you can enjoy seeing them as well as others.