Thursday, 6 August 2015

Stitching ABC #47

The K block is now finished - yay! Next is E for Embroidery hoop.

Tonight will be filled with preparing for Clarence to have a sleepover at my sister's place. They are having a trial run at looking after him as they will probably take him when we go on our big 4 week trip in a few weeks time. They havn't had a dog before so it will be a bit of a learning curve for the family. The kids are excited though so that is great. Jacob (8yrs old) has already asked his teacher at school if he can bring in Clarence for show and tell! We told him that might just be a bit too much excitement for Clarence so maybe a photo will have to do! It is nice they are excited. Hopefully the trial weekend will go smoothly and they won't be put off having him for the 4 week block...

I think he is contemplating what mischief he can get up to over the weekend...!
Happy Stitching, 


  1. Congrats on finishing another letter! I'm sure Clarence will do fine; the kids will keep him busy!

  2. Hope Clarence enjoyed his sleepover, Knitting looks lovely, I'm amazed how quickly you are progressing with it.

  3. It would be FAR worse for them if Clarence were ten years younger...! They probably don't want to hand him back...:)) Hope Clarence has fun!