Monday, 24 August 2015

Stitching ABC - It's done!

On Thursday night last week, I finished off the Stitching ABC design - very happy with the result. Now it just needs an iron and a frame to be selected. I'm not sure if I'll get time to do that before we go away...
Above is the close-up of the C-Calico block and below is the full piece - Yay for me!
Ooh - not so yay - I've just realised I haven't done the back-stitching on the cat's face so I haven't quite finished after all... oops

Over the weekend, I stitched more on the Robot ABC, but as usual, forgot to take a photo. I'll try to remember to do that tonight. I also did 2 more ornament things (like what I did at the craft weekend 2 weekends ago) so now I have 3. They are so quick to do which is great.
Happy Stitching,


  1. It's been fun following your progress. Congrats on the almost-there-finish!

  2. Well done! I'm still in awe at how quickly you've done this one.

  3. I love this piece so much, Congrats on your almost happy dance.

  4. Well Done You...I have been following your progress and your finished piece looks beautiful. Debbie.

  5. Beautiful! Congratulations on another lovely finish!!!

  6. What a beautiful finish! I love watching you stitch your ABC projects. You can visit me in Canada at