Monday, 19 October 2015

Covered Bridge - Finished!

What a difference having 24+ hours straight to stitch makes! This weekend past was the Busy Crafting weekend in Marysville (approx 1.5hrs from Melbourne). It had fantastic accommodation and plenty of delicious food. I arrived about 3.30pm Friday afternoon and started stitching on the Covered Bridge pretty much straight away. Then I stitched all day & night Saturday and most of Sunday morning until I was finished! I was aiming to get it finished at the craft weekend as the beading would have been impossible to do on the couch at home. Sitting at the tables with the other ladies crafting was a great way to get it done easily. 

There were so many different crafts being done. It was great to wander around occasionally and see what beautiful things people were working on - patchworks, papercraft, knitting, crocheting, colouring, painting, beadwork and much more. Plus the weather was beautiful so breakfast and lunch out on the verandah was just great.

I'm already scheduled to attend again next year!

So here is my finished 'Covered Bridge' - a holiday momento from Quebec, Canada...
In real life, the orange beads are quite bright, and I almost thought they'd be too bright. But from a distance, the effect is pretty good and I'm pleased with it.

Today, I'll go online and order a proper Mill Hill frame for it and then it will be complete. I think it is a very nice momento to have of our recent trip where we saw bridges just as that one in the design - lovely.

Now, what to stitch next... I've got the Fish ABC that I started before we went away, but it's just not grabbing me anymore... I might make that my next holiday-house project (we'll be going there this weekend). I've got a cupboard full of things I could start, but there's always the Mill Hill Angel and cats on a bookshelf that I also bought in Quebec... I'll just have to see what grabs me when I go through them all again.

Probably won't be tonight though as we have an appointment after dinner so I think I'll relax once we get home from that.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow, that's great! Sounds like a fantastic event - I should get myself to one of those someday.

  2. great finish !!♥

  3. Beautiful finish - perfect memento of your trip.

  4. what a lovely holiday momento, it looks lovely with all the beading. Your weekend sounds like heaven, I wish there was something like that near here!

  5. What a lovely finish - well done! :)

  6. Kerrie: This is lovely, I love adding beads to my work.
    Retreats are so much fun, and to see everything people are working on is a real treat.


  7. That crafting weekend. Is that a weekend for stitchers? You all come together with lots of stitchers and do your thing? Stitch?