Monday, 30 November 2015

Wander #13, Robot ABC #14 & Giveaway #4 Winner

Over the weekend, we were at Aireys Inlet where I did a little stitching on the Robot ABC. I've run out of some threads though so I couldn't finish off how I usually like to. Must make a note to get to the craft store to get some more before we go back... I did get most of the N done.
Unfortunately, it's not just plain black that is used for the back-stitching, but a dark brown so I'll have to go and get the right colour.
Then when we got home, I settled in for an afternoon of stitching whilst watching the first ever day-night cricket test between Australia and New Zealand. It was a very exciting match, but eventually Australia won - yay. I'm surprised I managed to get the whole car filled in, but that's what happens when you sit and stitch for 7+ hours! Gosh, I can't believe I was stitching for that long, but I was... and it was good!

Give Away #4
Now, the time passed and no-one had entered the draw, so I've allowed the 2 entries that did make it in the next day to participate. And I asked one of my work colleagues to pick left or right, and in the hand they picked was Emma/Itzy - congratulations!
Please send your postal address to xstitchlibrarian[at] and I'll get your prize out to you asap. I'll pick something for Giveaway #5 tomorrow.
Happy Stitching,


  1. great progress! Congrats to Emma

  2. Well done, Emma, and well done Kerrie on such great progress over the weekend. Obviously a good cricket match is what's needed for a lengthy stitching session! :)

  3. Awesome progress on both pieces Kerrie.


  4. Kerrie: Congratulations to the winner.
    Love the Robot Stitch so sweet.
    You other stitch project is almost done and so cute, I like the color of the car, I love blue colors.
    Congratulations to Australia on the win, it must have been exciting, I would have missed a few stitch's


  5. Hi Kerrie! Thank you for announcing me as the winner! But please, could you send the pattern to Jen the other entry - I see she is wanting to stitch this for her son to match one she has already stitched, and i wouldn't want to deprive him of that!

    I hope this is ok? :)

    Emma xx