Monday, 7 December 2015

Santa's Journey #1

I am very pleased with my stitching progress over the weekend. Didn't get any stitching done on Friday as I saw The Dressmaker movie - I haven't read the book so I had no idea what was going on. It started off almost like a comedy then it got dark and people started dying and it was all just a bit weird for me.

On Saturday, I trimmed a neighbour's overhanging tree and used muscles I never knew I had. They let themselves be known on Sunday night - boy, was I in agony! I brought out the Deep Heat cream which made my husband disappear as it stinks, but it did help.

Here is the next stocking I'm doing: Santa's Journey
Despite my muscle troubles, I made a good start on the next Christmas Stocking. This is for a work colleague's first baby which is due around May next year. It's a bit hard to tell, but this is the middle bit of the pattern. There are beautiful gold beads to stitch on, and I've already used gold threads to give it a sparkle. These Dimensions stocking are very involved but the effort is so worth it when the finished product is produced.

Giveaway: No one was interested in my pattern give away this week, so I've decided to put a hold on it for a little while and start giving them away again next year.
Jen, I'm still waiting for your postal address for the previous giveaway. Please email it to xstitchlibrarian[at]
Happy Stitching,


  1. Hope you're muscles are feeling better soon... At least you have a solution to your problems when you need a few hours for your own... Just use the Deep Heat Cream.... And you have the house for yourself haaahahahaha... Just kidding.
    The stocking looks great.. Love Dimension Gold collection.

  2. That's a lovely stocking and a great start! Hope your muscles feel better soon.

  3. That stocking is gorgeous! You've made a great start.

  4. Fantastic progress Kerrie. Such a beautiful design.


  5. Great start, I've done 3 different gold collection stockings over the years and they are just beautiful designs. It's going to be a lovely gift when it's finished!

  6. Great new start. Its going to be a beautiful gift.

  7. That's a lot of stitching for one day on your new stocking. Looking good so far! :)

  8. Wow! The pattern on the Sock looks amazing! I think that this project is really challenging. Good luck!