Monday, 14 December 2015

Santa's Journey #6 & Robot ABC #15

This weekend we were at Aireys Inlet so I got another letter on the Robot ABC done - K.
Still haven't got to the shops to get some of the threads I've run out of (hence no back stitching on several letters), but that is on the list of things to do next week when I start my Christmas holidays! I also hope to take at least one thing to the framers. There are a few finished designs hanging in the wardrobe waiting for frames.
Then on Sunday when we got home, I stitched some more on Santa's Journey stocking. I'm very pleased with how it is coming along. Despite only small sections in each colour, it is easy to stitch one colour and move on to another to fill in the blocks quite easily. I hadn't noticed the effect when stitching, but when I post these photos, it stands out much more and I'm very pleased with it.

Happy Stitching,


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