Friday, 8 January 2016

Santa's Journey #22 & Lucky Us

For some reason, I forgot to press 'publish' on this post yesterday morning...

Yay - we have a new stove installed and working properly. Very pleased with the electrician and plumber we got - they arrived on time (actually a little early) and were conscientious of not making a mess or damaging our floorboards. We finally have a reliable electrician and plumber we can contact if we need to. I had quite a bit of trouble getting people to come - it seems like they don't want the work... Anyway, it is done now and we are planning a big roast turkey on the weekend to christen the new oven!

We seem to have had quite a bit of good luck today...
- stove went in quickly and without any problems
- plumber said the old stove was incorrectly connected so we are lucky not to have had a gas fire!
- the old stove got taken from our nature-strip in less than 4 hours so we didn't have to waste our one free council hard rubbish collection with it
- we got the electrician to do 2 other small jobs which were also straightforward and very simple fixes, thankfully
- we had the security guy here to check on 2 sensors that had been going off all the time. He said it was a wire that had come loose, so there was no need to replace the sensors, which we had been expecting to do.
- we visited the newsagency where my husband had ordered my Christmas present (Derwent pencils) and we said if they were there, we would buy a lotto ticket. The pencils had arrived yesterday and they were about to start calling all the people who had orders, so we got a lotto ticket as well - maybe our luck will continue on to tonight and the lotto draw!
Last night on the stitching front, I finished off the gold bow on the present and the back-stitching. I also stitched the stocking outline in white so I have a line to follow when I'm sewing the stocking together. That leaves only the cording for the sleigh handle and the couching on the coat edge to be done on this bottom half of the stocking. Now I'm onto the top half of the stocking.
Happy Stitching,

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