Thursday, 4 February 2016

Santa's Journey #38

Yay - I'm finished on Santa's Journey for now. I've decided to leave the beading and couching until I've done the name as I will need to put the hoop on again and I don't want to squash anything. The baby for this one is due around April so I will come back to it then when I know the name.

And you know what that means - Yes, It's time for a new start - woo hoo! I've already got one lined up. It's another Christmas Stocking for my friend Judith's first grandchild. He's had his first Christmas, but he was only 3 weeks old so he won't know he didn't have a stocking. This will be for his second Christmas when he is a little more alert. I'll get it out tonight and take some pics of it - it's one I've been waiting to do for a while so I'm looking forward to getting started.
Happy Stitching,


  1. It's a beautiful design, well done on the finish. It will look amazing with all the beads etc on. Enjoy your new start

  2. Such a lovely design; well done! Looking forward to seeing the next stocking coming up:)