Thursday, 31 March 2016

Life is About #19

Got some sunshine done and finished the back-stitching around the border last night - just a bicycle to go now...

Very excited today as the schedule and registration for the ATLA  (American Theological Library Association) conference being held in Los Angeles is now available. I am all registered and signed up to go! It was difficult picking out which sessions I wanted to go to as they all sounded pretty good, but I think I'm happy now with my choices. Hopefully I will come away with some new information, and new contacts and friends in the theological library world.

So that was the last thing we were waiting for with our trip - everything is now booked in and paid for... just have to wait 54 days and counting...
On Saturday, I'm gong out with my crafting buddy Judith to get some backing material for the 2 Christmas stockings I've stitched for friends, and to check out a craft store that is closing down to see if they have any bargains left. Should be a nice day on Saturday that I'm looking forward to very much. Hopefully the weather plays along.
Happy Stitching,

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