Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect #2

Last night I finished off the back-stitching around 'perfect' and also finished off the 'have to be' section too. I like it when progress seems to move along quickly...

I've just finished typing up some instructions for the people who will be minding our 14.5yr old Golden Retriever, Clarence, while we are away on our big trip in 48 days time! He is having a trial sleepover with them this weekend just to make sure he and their dog get along - there'd be nothing worse than 2 dogs who don't like each other for a whole month! I don't expect any problems, but just want to be careful - they are doing us a favour by minding Clarence so I don't want him to upset them too much either.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. This is coming along great. You'll have it finished in no time at this pace :)

    And it's always exciting planning a trip! And for a whole month at that :D Can't wait to read about all the adventures you will have :)