Monday, 30 May 2016

holiday #4

today we left Jasper and took the bus to Banff. On the way we stopped at Athabasca Falls which were pretty amazing. We also saw a gorge but I can't remember the name of it. It was very impressive. After the falls, we went to the Athabasca Glacier which has been the highlight of the trip so far. It was snowing when we arrived so visibility wasn't great but it was the first time I have ever seen snow, either on the ground or falling so that was a memorable experience. It just looks like little bits of tissue paper floating from the sky. We made our way up the glacier and had 20mins to wander around. 2 weeks ago, a work colleague did the same tour and the photo she sent of the glacier was bright sunshine with a Canadian flag with rocks in the background. Our photo of the Canadian flag is all white as we couldn't see anything else. Certainly makes you wander how terrifying it would be to be stuck in a blizzard and having no idea of which way was which. It was a fantastic experience. And then of course as we made our way off the glacier, the snow stopped and the sun came out. When we got back to the info centre we could see the glacier itself was just across the road. It was thoroughly enjoyable.
Then it was back in the bus to a lake the was bright cobalt blue - Aussies could think of Mt Gambier then multiply the colour by about 100 times. It was so bright and vivid it just didn't look real, but it was. Amazing.
Then we went on to the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel where we will be for the next 2 nights. Thankfully, tomorrow we have a chance to sleep in past 6.30am which is very welcome... Then we have the morning free before a Banff Experience sightseeing tour in the afternoon. Tomorrows dinner is also included in the tour.
Tonight we had to get our own dinner, so we got the taxi into the town which was only a short ride. We went to Tony Roma's ribs. We all had ribs and they were delicious. We had great starters as well so we decided to walk back to the hotel which took approx 25mins but helped us not feel so full!
It will be nice to be in the same place for 2 nights.
Until next time...

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