Saturday, 18 June 2016

Holiday #18

Another great day of sessions at the theological library conference in LA. I have so much homework to investigate further on a number of different issues over the coming months.

I also made contact with a colleague I have been corresponding with via email from the UK. She was telling me about the 2018 European equivalent that will be held in Germany. I've always wanted to go to Germany, so our next holiday destination is set! Just have to plant the seeds in my manager's mind and let it grow over the next year or so...

Tomorrow morning is the last day of the conference. After lunch, we will be picked up and we will change hotels so we are closer to Universal Studios for our visit on Sunday. It is supposed to be very hot on Monday for our LA city tour, but I am looking forward to that.

Then Monday night it's back to the airport for the trip home. We leave Monday night, and get home Wednesday at lunch time. We miss Tuesday due to crossing the international dateline. My husband is not happy as his birthday is Tuesday and he misses it!

Until next time,

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