Monday, 18 July 2016

Alaska Ornament - done

We had a great weekend at Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road - It was so nice to get down there and away from it all.
I spent some time on the Robot ABC and got 2.5 letters done - F and A and a bit of G. Only have G to do now. I will be very pleased to have this one done as I love the bright colours. 
When we got home on Sunday, I started and finished the little 'I Love Alaska' ornament I got on our recent trip. I was surprised at how quickly I got it done - I don't think I've ever completely finished a design in 1 day before. It was on quite small Aida so it was a bit fiddly but fairly basic and quite simple. I am very pleased with my new ornament for the Christmas tree. I'd like to do similar little ornaments for the other places we have been.  It was good because it came with the gold frame, ribbon and everything needed to complete it.

I didn't get a chance to do any beading on the Snowy Owl over the weekend but I'll have to find something else to stitch whilst watching TV tonight... watch out stash, here I come!
Happy Stitching,

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