Monday, 25 July 2016

Classic Christmas Ornaments #4 & Stocking Finishes

There is a few nights stitching progress in this ornament - I didn't get all this done in one night...
It's all done except for the gold metallic thread and the back-stitching. There are lots of colour changes so I think each of the remaining ones will take a few more nights than the first one...

The other big news for the weekend is - I have finally completely finished the 2 most recent Christmas stockings I stitched. I had a craft day with my friend Judith and she helped me get them stitched up and looking amazing. I am so happy with them, and I know the recipients will be too!

They are both beautifully lined and so they can be used when hanging on the mantle.
The Snow Bears stocking has a pale blue with white polka dots which matches the snow flakes on the front perfectly.

And the Santa's Journey stocking has a dark green with gold glitter pattern which really sparkles.

We did them differently to the instructions from the kit but I think this way is much better to finish them off and means they can be used without fear of ripping out any stitches or getting anything caught in the back of the stitching. I will have to organise a nice bag or something to put them in when I present them to the parents.

A big THANK YOU to Judith for her help in getting them made up so beautifully. We made a rough pattern and I wrote out some instructions for future stockings that I am sure I will be stitching as it took a little while to remember what we had done on previous stockings. 

I also took the 4 designs from the Design Works series of nice sayings to the framers on Friday afternoon. I hope to have them back in a couple of weeks for display in my theological library. I think the sayings are appropriate encouragement to the students.
Happy Stitching,


  1. The stockings look stunning. Great progress with the ornaments too. The penguin is a cutie

  2. What a cute penguin ornament! Beautiful finishing on the stockings, they are gorgeous.

  3. Fantastic work on the stockings, they look stunning.

  4. Hi ... love your stockings ... hours! Well I thought I would make one for each of my grandchildren as a heirloom piece ... 3 grandchildren in 10mths! Needless to say I'm a bit behind ...I do have 7 others done ... but boy do I have a problem now! I've lost the top part of my snow bears stocking pattern!! and almost done the bottom ....ugh! If you could help me out ... please email me at ... thank you! Anja

  5. I have finally finished the cross stitch part of the snow bears stocking. I made two for each of my twin grandbabies. Now I need to do the finishing. It is my first attempt at cross stitching and I think they look okay. Used a different pattern for their names. Question.. did you put backing on the front behind the cross stitching? Did you use the same material as the blue dotted back? I don't want to use the blue felt so any advice you can give on how to finish them so they look as nice as yours would be appreciated. Some say I should iron on fusing? Thoughts? Help?