Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Candy Cane Santa Stocking #5

I think I say it every time - I love the difference a bit of back-stitching makes to a design!

I had to buy some rubber mats for our dog Clarence yesterday. He has arthritis and is quite weak in his back legs, so he has slipped walking across our timber deck a number of times. Until yesterday, he would stay on his mat rather than walk across the decking. Now he has a rubber pathway that he doesn't slip on so it was quite funny to watch him walking back and forth along the straight lines of the path from one side of the deck to the other last night. At least we know that he won't be floundering on the deck with legs going every which way when we're not there. Poor guy is getting old... He'll be 15 in 2 months time and we've had him for 9 years next Friday.
Happy Stitching,


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  1. Kerrie: Love the fact that you bought the mats for Clarence, that is so sweet of you.
    I love that Santa and back stitching really added to his features.