Monday, 17 October 2016

Busy Crafting Weekend & Candy Cane Santa Stocking #27

I had an AWESOME weekend away at the Busy Crafting craft weekend in Marysville. There were just under 40 women there with a wide array of crafting projects to work on - quilting, scrap-booking, drawing, hand-stitching, cross-stitch, and probably more I've forgotten about. Boy, are there some very clever people around! Some of the projects were absolutely amazing and it was great to be able to get up and wander around to watch people put their things together. There were prize draws (I selected a colouring book with pencils set so I'm set for my summer holidays!) and great food - there was no risk of anyone going hungry over the weekend. The accommodation and setting was also a very high standard. Just about everyone there has said they will be there again next year. I can't wait for it either.

I was very happy with the amount of stuff I was able to get done over the weekend:
I attached felt to the back of these ornaments and stitched around adding beads. Very happy with how they've turned out.
I finished the beading on the Snowy Owl (one of the keepsakes I bought in Canada on our trip earlier this year). At first, I didn't like the beads but now that I've done the back-stitching as well, it has grown a little on me. I've ordered a frame for it, just waiting on the shop to get their supplies so that will make a big difference, I'm sure. I thought the beads on the owl were a bit big, but here in the photo, they don't look so bad.
I stitched another of the Mini Christmas Ornaments which has turned out very nicely.
And I also folded quite a few origami Christmas Trees from the browned pages of an old book from my library that was falling apart. It was going straight to the bin, but I thought, I could use that... I'm going to attach the trees to some string and hang them up around the library and office as Christmas decorations in December. I think they'll look great, and they're very quick and easy to make so I'll be doing quite a bit more folding over the coming weeks. I might even stick some glitter on the odd one to provide some colour interest...

I also presented the Snow Bears stocking to Arkyn's mother and she seemed quite excited - I hope she loves it.
When I finally got home on Sunday night, I almost finished off the Candy Cane Santa Stocking. I just have a bit more greenery to do in the bottom left corner, but I couldn't force myself to stay up and finish it off after such a busy weekend. I'll finish the stitching tonight and then I only have the glittery sequin things to attach all over and I'm done until the baby arrives and is named... That won't be until about February so this goes into the 'to be completed' pile to be picked up again next year.

I hope your weekends were as productive as mine!

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Comme c'est beau!
    J'aime beaucoup ,Noël est une belle saison pour broder.