Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fish at Aireys#1

I've changed the name of this design to 'Fish at Aireys' as I've changed what I'm going to stitch along the bottom instead of the prescribed words, which I can't remember right now. It is from the same book as the previous By The Seaside design. I'm hoping to skip away at lunchtime today to get the threads I need so I can stitch on it when we go away for the Melbourne Cup long Weekend (and finish the previous design as well). The Melbourne Cup horse race is on Tuesday and it's a public holiday, but I've taken Monday off as well so I get an extra long weekend to go to Aireys Inlet. Can't wait to get away and the weather is supposed to be lovely too.
At the moment, it's only 2 partially finished fish, but they will look great when I'm done. As it uses the same colours as the previous design, I can't go too far without getting more supplies first.
Happy Stitching,


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